Catch Me if You Can – The Aussie Version

In 2017 , four inmates escaped Indonesia’s notorious Keroboken prison . Indonesian police were confidant they would have them back in prison within days . Four years later , two of the men are still on the run leaving the police , media and the world baffled as to where they could be . One of the men , Perth local Shaun Davidson has been sending both the police and the media cheeky clues via Facebook but to this day no one knows if he is sipping cocktails on the beach in Barbados , or still hiding out somewhere in Bali. 

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Pheasant’s Nest – Murder , Mystery and Mayhem

Pheasant’s nest bridge is the highest bridge in NSW. But that’s not all its famous for . Disappearances , murder and naked people gone wild are just some of the stories I cover in today’s brief (but crazy) episode .


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Coober Pedy – Life in The Desert

Coober Pedy – It might be a remote town smack bang in the middle of the desert but the town has certainly seen it’s fair share of both famous and infamous people over the years . From Billy Connelly to Latvian born soldier turned croc hunter turned Opal miner Crocodile Harry and the USA Speedway community  , it seems this little Opal Mining town attracts people worldwide. And that’s before you start counting movie stars like the cast of Pricilla , Queen of the desert and Mad Max : Beyond the Thunder dome ( who turned their time filming into a month long party – where at one point they were forced to bury their vast quantity of coke and pills in the desert after a drug bust and a strict telling off from their producers – hey , it was the 80’s !!! ) 

Grab a beer and relax as I tell you some of the best ( and most hilarious) stories to come out of the Aussie Desert


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The Melissa Caddick Mystery

When Melissa Caddick went missing the day after being raided by ASIC for fraud allegations , the story quickly became national news .  

At first , it looked like she might have taken the money she had allegedly swindled from friends and family and done a runner before the police got hold of her passport. But when body parts started washing up on the coast of NSW , the theories surrounding her disappearance became more sinister.


In todays episode I take you through the timeline of events surrounding her disappearance and the theories that everyone from criminologists to Facebook commenters are currently discussing.


Let me know your thoughts !


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The Adelaide River Murders

The Adelaide River is one of the most crocodile infested rivers in the world . Some of these croc’s are so big they are often described as monster croc’s. 

In today’s episode though , the monsters have two legs and walk on land . In fact , their crime was so awful it seems even the crocodiles weren’t having any part in it.

The day Phu Ngoc Trinh and Ben Mclean met at high school was the start of a friendship that would eventually destroy the lives of four families.

In todays episode I take you through the events that led up to the night two women were thrown off the Adelaide River bridge and left to die in croc infested waters – and the aftermath that led to the two teenagers being charged with murder.


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Episode Sources :

True Crime FLASHBACK: Teen killers Ben McLean and Phu Ngoc Trinh dumped bodies in croc-infested waters of Adelaide River | NT News

Callous teen killers Ben McLean and Phu Ngoc Trinh tossed dying prostitutes into crocodile-infested waters, but the crocs didn’t bite | Herald Sun

Appeal documents : BarNet Jade – Find recent Australian legal decisions, judgments, case summaries for legal professionals (Judgments And Decisions Enhanced

Another great Aussie podcast that takes an in depth look at true crime can be found here :

Murder in the Land of Oz on Stitcher

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The Story of My Pet Huntsman

Anyone that knew me in the first 28 years of my life is going to look at this title and go ‘ Kel’s gone mad”  ( And they would be right , but that has nothing to do with spiders )

After living out bush a few years back , Huntsman spiders went from being the stuff of nightmares , to ‘oh well at least its not a snake’. So when a baby Huntsman took up residence in my laundry , I didn’t object . I watched him grow , and we coexisted happily. Until I realized he was probably a she….


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Hotel Horror Stories Volume #1

Kel’s back from holidays and high on life !! ( and a sh*tload of caffeine) 

The trip away brought back ‘Ghosts of Motels past’ . Tune in to listen to Volume #1 of the shittest motels in Australia. Feel free to contact Kel’s Gone Bush on Insta or Facebook if you have your own horror story to add and it will be featured in Volume #2 

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Australia’s Dumbest Criminals ( Volume One)

From what could be described as a scene from the movie ‘The Hangover’ two Welsh tourists woke up to find a Penguin in their hotel room on the Gold Coast without any recollection of how it got there. Until they checked Facebook and saw they had a grand old time at Seaworld the night before . 

Meanwhile , in Sydney one blokes morning went downhill after he crashed into a few cop car’s. Once they finally caught up with him his morning went from bad to worse.

When your a criminal , you generally dont call the cop’s , even if someone shoots you .. But one dumb crim forgot this rule and called them anyway .. only for them, to find a huge crop of weed and a few stolen bikes on his property.

Are these guys Australia’s Dumbest Criminals ?  Grab a coldy and join me as I tell you these stories and a few more and decide for yourself !

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Episode resources:



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Monte Cristo : The most haunted house in Australia

The Legendary Monte Cristo Homestead has a dark past . Some say its the most haunted house in Australia. Built on a hill , looking over the town of Junee , NSW , to the kids in town its the classic haunted house on the hill.

Whether or not it is actually haunted is subject to opinion. But no one can deny the house has quite a history ! In todays episode I take a look at the stories surrounding this mysterious homestead and the ghosts that are said to dwell there.

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The Monte Cristo Homestead Ghosts



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Goat Island – Not For Snowflakes

In the heart of the Adelaide River , NT is a tiny little Island where you can relax , drink beer and eat Croc Balls. Pull up a seat and crack a beer while I bring you all the info – how to get there , what to expect and why its not recommended for ‘snowflakes’ ( or Karen from Brighton )

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