Croc Bait

Croc Bait

This guy is taking the planking craze to a whole new level … Firstly submerging a car for a cool pic takes total dedication (assuming its his car …) and secondly this car happens to be stuck in the now flooded Adelaide River , home of some of the biggest Saltwater crocs in the Territory who I must add have been taught to jump out of the water thanks to the Jumping croc cruise boats operating in the area . So my conclusion is this guy a) didn’t realize he was in the NT , b) is very brave or c) is a f*%king idiot !!!!!


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6 thoughts on “Croc Bait

  1. Diane Murray

    I think he is all three…

  2. OMG, what a crazy photo! I vote that the guy is a “f*cking idiot!” Hope he made it out alive!

    • By the way, thanks for following my blog and asking for the protected posts password. Just subscribed to yours, as well.

    • Haha me too ! The things people will do for thrills up here amaze me – last month we had some crazy clowns wakeboarding in another croc infested river up here – I dont think they realize how deadly these animals are :/ xx

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