We attract all kinds up here .. even the extraterrestrial !

We attract all kinds up here .. even the extraterrestrial !

For years the Territory has been famous for its crocs , its weather and its numerous UFO sightings. Since I moved up here 12 months ago if there is not a croc or a cyclone warning on the front page of the paper , then its a new UFO story ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even my partner Dave reckons he has seen plenty of strange lights in the sky whilst he has been out in the middle of the bush. I’m yet to see one but I’m sure if I stick around long enough it may happen …
A Territory man Alan Fergerson has dedicated a lot of his yearsย  traveling the world chasing the best known UFO hotspots and he says the Northern Territory is one of the little green fella s favorite places. Check out his website http://www.ufoterritory.com.au/index.html for more cool photos and UFO story’s – in the mean time here is one I thought was pretty interesting , it was published in the NT news in June 2008 :

A SMALL Territory community is still reeling with shock after four UFOs descended on their Outback homes.

Families spent hours in fear as what appeared to be three spaceships hovered in the distance with another just metres above their houses.

The drama at Marlinja, population 112 and 730km south of Darwin, began at 8pm on Sunday.

Resident Janie Dixon said it started as an “ordinary” night.

“The kids were on the basketball courts, shooting a few hoops, and I was indoors talking to my two nieces when we heard a strange, loud noise,” she said.

“We ran outside but at first we couldn’t see anything — it was really dark and we could hear the sound.

“The sound was horrible. It sounded like something was going past.

“We thought it was a jet. I saw what I thought at first was the evening star, the first star you usually see at night.

“But then we saw three red lights in the distance, and the sound kept getting louder.

“The ground felt like it was shaking, so we ran inside and shut the doors.

“My nephew and niece were looking out through curtains. The thing came closer, circled around the basketball courts and then came so close above our house.

“The kids at the basketball courts ran — two girls stood there looking towards the sky.

“They tried to see what it was but all they could see was this bright red light in the pitch black.”

Ms Dixon said the UFO hovered above the homes for what seemed like a couple of hours.

She said at one stage the phone rang, but went dead when she tried to answer it.

“Then the light in the house became so bright, it was like we were sitting in a football stadium,” she said.

“After a while, after the things all disappeared… I think it was about 11pm by then.

“We went outside and were just sitting around drinking tea and talking about it all. The kids were put to bed.

“We heard the noise again and it came back, but disappeared again moments later.

“We were all really frightened.

“It was a big shock and I couldn’t sleep.”

Thank you http://www.ntnews.com for this article
and http://www.ufoterritory.com.au/gallery.html & Keith Douglass (UFORAS) for the pic xx

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3 thoughts on “We attract all kinds up here .. even the extraterrestrial !

  1. Sounds kind of scary. How does Chaos feel about the UFOs? Hope you’re having a great weekend.

    • Hi Kathy

      Well Im not sure but to let you in on my current state , chaos took off last night during a storm and I am beside my self with worry – he usually would be back by now – Im hoping somene has him and is waiting for the shelter to open tomorrow – I have covered the town in signs ๐Ÿ˜‰ So Im guessing if this is reaction to a storm Im hoping he doesnt encounter aliens whiles he s missing !!!

      I will keep you updated ๐Ÿ™‚

      xx Kellie

  2. I finally found him in the animal ‘holding cells’. My partner and I drove over there and I had a look over the fence called his name and he went nuts – I know that doggy voice anywhere ! Unfortunately for Chaos he is stuck there until they open tomorrow .. oh well I hope he learns his lesson but from past experience I doubt it :/
    At least he is safe !
    xx Kellie

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