True Blue – Bluey the pet Buff tells his side of the story

I found this article and the pics that go with on the NT news website this morning and couldn’t resist sharing them .

The funniest part of the story in my opinion was when Bluey s owner tried to teach Bluey how to roll in the mud … by doing it himself ! I would of loved to of seen that – imagine some bloke rolling around in a patch of mud with his pet buffalo looking at him like he has lost the plot !

Here is the article published in the NT news last week.

A BUFFALO accused of terrorizing a remote community has been described as a playful pet and not a menace.

Jarrod Shelton said Bluey the 500kg buffalo was friendly and ran at people to make friends with them, not to attack them.

“He is running up to lick them and play with them,” he said.

“He loves his pats.

“He’ll go around and get Weetbix off everyone.”


Bluey and Jarrod cooling off

Bluey was adopted by Mr Shelton and his partner, Glenda Robertson, a health worker, when he was two days old.

Stockmen found him abandoned in the bush and brought him to the couple, who had nursed other injured animals back to health.

The vet gave him little chance of survival but the animal lovers nursed him back to health.

Mr Shelton even taught him how to behave like a buffalo by rolling in the mud himself and encouraging Bluey to copy.

Now approaching his second birthday, Bluey has reached the “naughty teenage phase”.

In his attempts to find a girlfriend, the bashful beast often knocks over bins and “horns” rocks and cars.

The NT News received complaints from an anonymous source who said Bluey was a “hazard” to the community on Wednesday.

But Mr Shelton said he had never injured anyone and the locals were used to his antics.

“No one has actually come up and said he’s a nuisance. I think that opinion comes from people who don’t live here,” he said.

“He loves people. I don’t think he would injure anyone unless they were stupid and didn’t get out of his way.”

Ms Robertson said the reports “upset” her because she loved Bluey.

“He loves us so much and most people don’t see that,” she said.

“We love him too. We’ve tried to take him out bush but he just followed us back. It’s not that easy to just take him out bush and leave him.”


Bluey chillin out at home … in his bed

Reporter Nicole Mills , NT News.

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2 thoughts on “True Blue – Bluey the pet Buff tells his side of the story

  1. Seriously, this is a total hoot! Is Bluey’s “bed” in the house or shed? Or do we know?

    • I know it makes me want one myself .. although I don’t know where Id put it 😉
      The first article said the bed was in the house but it does look like a shed .. although in some communities they are pretty much the same thing 😉
      Hope you had a great Easter weekend !
      Xx Kel

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