The Bloody Troopy Strikes Again !!!!


As you would of gathered from previous posts I drive an early 1990’s model Toyota Land cruiser “Troop Carrier” which is basically a  4 wheel drive with no back seats. Mine also has a hole in the drivers side floor although I’m pretty sure this was custom made for my particular troopy ( I found this out when I discovered a high heel sticking out of the bottom of my car don’t ask me how the hell it got there !).

My problem with this car is not the fact that it is covered with rust and resembles a large boat with wheels. My problem is the back axle keeps falling out. Yes I’m serious ! It is happening every 3 weeks on average. It first happened when me and Chaos completed our epic roady  across the country. Since then we have had it fixed about 5 times and now Dave just fixes it himself which is handy except today I was driving along when BANG ! There it goes again ! I’m old school with this situation by now so I jumped out of the car pulled the axle out chucked it in the back , put the car in 4 wheel drive and kept going ;D Yup bush mechanics 101 !

Dave is out bush for a week so Ill have to give Danny from the pub a bottle of Smirnoff to fix it .. Again 😉


The studs snapped off , axle about to pop – this was the last time it happened in Batchelor NT last month


Dave the mechanic – can he fix it ? Yes he can .. for a little while anyway !

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13 thoughts on “The Bloody Troopy Strikes Again !!!!

  1. HA! I had a car that needed to have put duct tape on the door at least once a week as it was peeling away from the framing.

    Memories 🙂

  2. you are brave..gosh my car is a 1990 bmw with a bad vacuum leak and I ran out of gas 2 weeks ago and have been scared to drive it ever since… i’m such a wuss 🙂

  3. I’m slightly disappointed that you don’t drive a car that’s made in Detroit

    • Sorry Tim I didn’t know they made cars in Detroit 🙂 any recommendations ? As long as the axle stays in the wheel I’m happy !

      Xx the little Aussie Bogan 😉

  4. I’m slightly concerned about making a vehicle recommendation. If it breaks down I’ll feel responsible.

  5. P.S. – I had to look up the word Bogan.

    • Well I am a massive ACDC fan and before I moved to the Territory Holden Commodore’s were my favorite car 😉 .. I don’t have a mullet though maybe that’s why I wasn’t invited to national Bogan Day …

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