My Blonde Moment #357854

On my epic roady across the country I had many blonde moments – this one takes the cake :

I had been driving for a while and busting to use the ladies so I decided to stop in at a little country pub in the Clare Valley region. I parked outside and left Chaos in the car while i did what i had to do ( It was 0 degrees outside , no need to call animal welfare ).

After I finished I went back inside the pub to buy something to drink and no one was in the pub – no staff or customers which I thought was a bit weird but then  country pubs are pretty laid back…. After 10 minutes of waiting I started to get  pissed off  . Bugger it I thought to myself Ill go and get a drink up the road. I stormed out of the pub to find a crowd gathered on the footpath , a couple of them looking as pissed off as I felt .. I looked at the carpark and realized why – my troopy obviously had a faulty handbrake (amongst other things ) and because I had only just started driving a manual I didn’t realize you have to leave them in gear when you park them. Which explains why my car had rolled down the slope and landed smack bang into this old guy’ s Nissan Patrol. Luckily for me he didn’t want to involve the cops because he was drunk and shouldn’t have been driving in the first place.

Anyway if Chaos had a phone I’m pretty sure he would have sent me this ….


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7 thoughts on “My Blonde Moment #357854

  1. LMGAO 🙂

    • oh sorry I was gonna tell you my aforementioned 90 BMW don;t have to put it in park to take the keys out so one day we were at the grocery store and my son and I got out of the car and walking into the store I hear “hey! your car is rolling across the parking lot!” turning around to see who the dufus that did that was… we should probably never go on a road trip together…

    • Yep it wasn’t funny at the time but looking back its bloody hilarious ;D xx

      • oh my son gave me a good GOSh MOM are you Stupid? cause he was embarrassed and really if not for him jumping in the car…oh boy.. but its actually become somewhat of a bad gee why is my car 5 fr down the driveway?

  2. Lol !!! I’m so glad I’m not the only one .. my partner ‘s reaction was similar to your sons .. except he wasn’t there to save the day .. well , if we ever did meet up fr a road trip it would be one hell of an interesting story 😉 xx

  3. Okay, Kel, this is funny to begin with–very funny–but even more so, as it sounds so DAMN much like me!

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