No the Blair Witch is NOT in Darwin .. Its just Trevor .. Again



I reported last month that Trevor the Rubbish Warrior was running for Lord Mayor of Darwin . Despite his many supporters he did not win the election and came fourth in the three seat vote count for a chair on the Darwin Council. Oh well maybe next year.

He is gaining more notoriety since his campaign  and his stick sculptures have been declared works of art by the Darwin council , with council workers instructed to leave them alone. Yes I’m serious. Driving home from  my shift at Hot 100  this morning I nearly ran over our mate Trev. He had constructed at least 15 statues this morning along one of Darwin’s busiest roads , just out of the city and by the looks of it was continuing to build more ….

If you are new to town or on holidays you would be forgiven for thinking that we have the Blair Witch living here in Darwin.

An example of Trevor’s rubbish statues



The Blair Witch’s Stick statues

PIC: Blair Witch Project official website.


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10 thoughts on “No the Blair Witch is NOT in Darwin .. Its just Trevor .. Again

  1. That first picture looks more like the Ghost Of Christmas Present is in Darwin

    • Now that you have pointed it out , I do notice the resemblance 😉

      • Ghost of Christmas Present, by the way, was he really necessary? Do you really need a ghost to guide you through the present? And in the book, the Ghost of Christmas Present takes Scrooge into the next day, which is the future. He should have been called ‘The Ghost of Christmas Near-Future’ If I were the Ghost of Christmas Future I would have been pissed!

  2. Di Murray

    I quite like Trevor Kel…reminds me of that fellow that used to paint the trees at the Rosedale tip, and hang stuffed toys from them. Although that was slightly creepy!

    • I remember Lauren Butler and I were riding thru the tip on our horses and she’s like “hey that’s the toy I threw out last year” … tip man had it hangin from a tree – love that guy ! xox

  3. What a fascinating fellow. Believe he’s what would be called an “outsider artist” in the art world. I’d love to see more of his work and hear more about him, Kel!

    • He is certainly interesting – and he is getting a lot of attention for his art so you must be right 🙂 I will be sure to keep you updated – Trevor is usually in the news up here at least once a month 😉
      Xx Kel

  4. wow.. that;s creative.. I like his… enthusiasm and originality ..except they do look a bit creepy after you see the blair witch picture…I got chills…

    • I know ! The similarity is very creepy – especially if you have no idea about Trevor and his rubbish statues .. I cant imagine what tourist’s must think ! 😉 xx

  5. Darwin really is such an interesteing place. I’m sure there are plenty of ordinary people living mundane lives there but you never hear about them!

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