A Very Lucky Escape


This pic was taken at Mandorah near Darwin. The bloke didn’t know at the time he was about to become lunch for this sneaky croc until after he was back on land.  Just goes to show its the ones you don’t see that are the ones you need to worry about.

Here is another bloke fishing oblivious to the salty watching him from just meters away …


This guy below risked his neck for a $15 fishing lure.


But this guy is definatly seeking a Darwin Award …



Watch out buddy !!!!

They bite ….



First 5 pics http://www.ntnews.com.au 6th pic taken by Me at Litchfeild National Park

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3 thoughts on “A Very Lucky Escape

  1. Lordy! Almost lunch, indeed. Scary. Hope you’ve had a good weekend, Kel, and managed to not have gotten eaten yourself. Be careful, my friend.

    • Hi Kathy sorry I haven’t replied to this yet , been so crazy that I just saw this ! I am so paranoid of the water here I hopefully will be safe … Do you ever watch the show Swamp People ? Its filmed in Florida I think .. anyway a bit like here except we cant shoot them 🙂
      Have a great weekend 🙂

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