Beware of the Drop Bear

If you are planning on back packing around Australia I’m sure you would have done your research on the dangers that you could face out in the Aussie bush. For those of you who have not read up on the local wild life , apart from crocs , buffalo and kangaroos with major attitude problems, you also need to be aware of the vicious Drop Bear … If you have not done your research properly , please read on …


The top warning sign is a bit blurry – the important bits you need to know are :

– Walk quietly through the bush

– Avoid sleeping or parking your car under trees ( or the drop bears may land directly on top of you )

– Dab Vegemite behind each ear and around camp site to deter Drop Bears (they hate the smell of Vegemite)

So you have been warned – beware the Aussie Drop Bear , one of our top ten dangerous animals ( We also have the Bunyip , Hoop snakes and Yowies )

Picture by : Unknown

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16 thoughts on “Beware of the Drop Bear

  1. Reblogged this on John The Aussie and commented:
    Thanks to Kel we once again warn the world of the dangers of the Australian Bush.

  2. This puts shivers up my spine. I wish you had put a “trigger” warning as I have had some pretty close calls with these dangerous predators. I can tell you that the smell of their breath is sickening. I’m off to rock myself in a corner….back to therapy on Monday!

    • Hahahaha ! ! I have just surrounded my house perimeter in Vegemite .. now I just need to figure out how to keep the Yowies and Bunyips at bay …. šŸ˜‰

  3. Who knew! The sign is priceless. I’ll remember my vegemite if I ever make it to Australia. Though I don’t know what it is. LOL

  4. I’m here from John the Aussie. That’s funny. The yellow sign was too blurry for me to read and I popped over here ready for some serious camping advice … Good stuff. Thanks! šŸ˜‰

  5. Vega…,vita…,vitamini…, Oh! forget it! Ha ha !

  6. *Turns head looking for Drop Bears*

  7. In USA we have to be vigilant against senators and congressmen that inhabit the Washington DC bush. Thanks visit my blog.

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