Today wordpress emailed me a stat report for the entire year. 3 blog posts it said. Oh the shame . So I thought I’d get the numbers up before the clock ticks over .

What a year its been . Last Christmas eve I was offered a book deal and that set the tone for 2015. I learnt so much about the industry as well as continuing my other work in an entirely different industry – although , funnily enough , my experiences working in Adult Entertainment have helped me A LOT with the new fictional novel I’m working on. The new materiel is with my agent at the moment , as she critiques it for me the way she did with Skimpy. I’m so bloody nervous. I already know I’m going to sulk for at least 24 hours before rolling my sleeves up and making the changes and improvements she has suggested. But if I’ve learnt one thing about writing its that you need to leave your ego at the door.

Another exciting project I was part of was my old mate Phil Obrien’s    latest block buster , filmed on an outback cattle station just out of Darwin. Phil was kind enough to fly me up and gave me a pretty cool acting role in the film. I got to meet a few outback characters ( my favourite kind) and learnt a bit about filming. Like if you only have the budget for one camera you need to shoot the scene 5 times from different angles . That part sucked.But we got it in the bag  and it is supposed to be on the big screen (in Darwin anyway) sometime in March.

What does the new year hold for Kels Gone Bush ?

There’s a few things in the works … No announcements yet – although I can safely say  pregnancy wont be one of them 😉

Hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year and may 2016 be filled with wonderful things !!!


2015 – The year of the ‘Skimpy’

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2 thoughts on “2015

  1. have a great new year Kel!

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