“Rated E for Bloody Epic !”

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In November last year I flew up to the Territory on a top-secret mission involving the best of the best of NT’s film industry ūüėČ

Some of you might know my mate , Phil O’Brien who was my inspiration to start this blog and , eventually my book. Halfway through last year he made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – a free trip to the Territory including 2 nights free all meals included at the iconic Mt Bundy Station¬†¬†in return for my acting ‘skills’ ( I use that term very lightly !).

It was a great trip – Mt Bundy isn’t far from the Adelaide river pub so there was no shortage of booze and I got to meet some bloody awesome people including NT’s own Miss Universe contestant , Chrisney Bright who is also a tour guide for¬†¬†Outback Floatplane Adventures¬†¬†( thinking about sending her my resume haha) and a bush poet called Waldo who kept us entertained between filming .

After much anticipation this ‘Bloody Epic’ Film has¬†finally been released

It all begins with Phil O’Brien – who wrote , produced and directed the film . Picking up where he left off on his last film ‘On Tour and Looking for a Feed’ , he has decided to rejoin society after 18 months ‘off the grid’. He leaves his longgrasser mate on the side of the road in Darwin , a long neck in a brown paper bag his parting gift. He decides to head out to Corella Springs , where his old mate Ben has a cattle station and¬†the rest of his mates could be found at the local pub , The Old Brumby Moon , famous for its Big Buff Lager and the towns best coffee – the ‘Tappachino’.

On his way out to Corella Springs¬†he comes across his old mate ¬†Ben’s¬†daughters ( played by myself and Tayla Baxter ) and discovers his old mate has passed away and the bank is closing in on the Cattle Station

Phil decides to try to help them raise the money but everyone in the town of Corella Springs is too busy to help him . After a bit of detective work he tracks down his old mate Al Zimdahl and after a bit of convincing Al agrees to join him on his mission to save the girls and their Dad’s¬†Station. Do they or don’t they ? You’ll just have to watch and find out !

In Phils words

‘¬† Made on a handful of small change this 90 minute chunk of Outback Filmology stars Phil O’Brien Al Zimdahl David Gulpilil Daniel Tapp Elisa Guittet Alizee Sery Chrisney Bright Kellie Arrowsmith Waldo Bayley Tayla Baxter Trevor Primmer Heleana Yarrngu Ursula Zaar and a heap of other fine young thespians. Filmed at Spectacular Mt Bundy station Rated ‘ E’ for bloody Epic’

If anyone would like to order¬†¬†the best film to come out of the Territory you can email me kelsgonebush@gmail.com or message my Facebook page Kels Gone Bush¬†. It’s also available to rent on Vimeo¬†



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