Lost at Sea .- A tribute to Tony Higgins

Pic : Adelaide Advertiser


Lost At Sea – Play episode here

Todays episode is a special tribute to a bloke named Tony Higgins who , a week after battling the rough seas of South Australia and winning , has become lost at sea again. No matter what anyone has to say , Tony lived on his own terms and was a tough old sailor who followed his heart no matter what.

Tribute to Tony :


Interview with Nathan : https://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/boatie-tony-higgins-has-copped-plenty-of-heat-since-he-and-a-mate-went-missing-for-days-but-hes-not-sorry/news-story/b3ff4d28d10f87e518d299e03e2ad5b1

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