Australia’s Dumbest Criminals ( Volume One)

From what could be described as a scene from the movie ‘The Hangover’ two Welsh tourists woke up to find a Penguin in their hotel room on the Gold Coast without any recollection of how it got there. Until they checked Facebook and saw they had a grand old time at Seaworld the night before . 

Meanwhile , in Sydney one blokes morning went downhill after he crashed into a few cop car’s. Once they finally caught up with him his morning went from bad to worse.

When your a criminal , you generally dont call the cop’s , even if someone shoots you .. But one dumb crim forgot this rule and called them anyway .. only for them, to find a huge crop of weed and a few stolen bikes on his property.

Are these guys Australia’s Dumbest Criminals ?  Grab a coldy and join me as I tell you these stories and a few more and decide for yourself !

I’d love to hear who you think takes the crown of Dumbest Crim for Volume one of Australi’a Dumbest Criminal’s ! Hit me up on :


Insta : @kelsgonebush

Twitter: @kelsgonebush

For more crazy Aussie stories my book is available here :

*I’d like to dedicate this ep to my good mate AJ Jack who loves these stories as much as I do and has helped me with research on this particular subject *

Episode resources:



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