Coober Pedy – Life in The Desert

Coober Pedy – It might be a remote town smack bang in the middle of the desert but the town has certainly seen it’s fair share of both famous and infamous people over the years . From Billy Connelly to Latvian born soldier turned croc hunter turned Opal miner Crocodile Harry and the USA Speedway community  , it seems this little Opal Mining town attracts people worldwide. And that’s before you start counting movie stars like the cast of Pricilla , Queen of the desert and Mad Max : Beyond the Thunder dome ( who turned their time filming into a month long party – where at one point they were forced to bury their vast quantity of coke and pills in the desert after a drug bust and a strict telling off from their producers – hey , it was the 80’s !!! ) 

Grab a beer and relax as I tell you some of the best ( and most hilarious) stories to come out of the Aussie Desert


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