Crazy Pic of The Week



A saltwater crocodile takes on a helicopter – according to the website I found this on the crewman said to the pilot “Keep your doors closed , I think we have a problem !”

You think ??

Pic thanks to


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The Coolest House in Batchelor

Last week my I went out to a small town called Batchelor which is near Litchfeild National Park  about 50km from Darwin. It is also near a town called Rum Jungle where my partner Dave reckon s he should live.

I love going out to Batchelor because it means I get to visit one of my favorite houses which belongs to a mate of Dave’s. The house was originally just a wooden frame with a tin roof and a few rocks here and there posing as walls . Since Dave’s mate bought it he has gathered more rocks and built the rest of the walls , cementing them in to give the place a cave like effect. Its awesome , I hope one day we can build something similar. Then again I change my mind every time I see a new house I like .. I guess I’m going to have to win the lotto and buy more than one … ūüėČ

Here are a few pics of the house


The front of the house


The side of the house


The back of the house

The house is on a massive property which is surrounded by flood plains so it is necessary to have an kick- ass truck like this one ……


The only way to start this truck is with a knife … I have no idea why either but the ignition seems to be missing so that might have something to do with it.

Being surrounded by flood plains and bush in the Territory also means being surrounded by Buffalo ..


Ok they are a bit hard to see but I wanted to let everyone know what its like to drive in the bush with Dave. He will see one of these buggers 5km away and point it out like I care or something … then he gets all upset when I cant see it – Dave : “How can you not see that ?? Its right there , follow where I’m pointing , no not there , look where I’m pointing !”¬†¬† Me: ” I AM looking , I can’t see anything .. Oh ok maybe I can see a black dot …¬† you know what I don’t even care , I hate Buffalo !!”

Which is pretty much the truth , I’m an animal lover but buffalo aren’t my favorites , they are big stupid angry animals that will stomp the shit out of any living creature in their line of vision … lucky they have crappy eyesight ! They don’t always do this but I have met a lot of people who have been chased or attacked by them and people do get killed sometimes. So I stay the hell away from them.

It’s always nice to get out to this property but sadly it will be sold in a couple of months. Id buy it myself except it is selling for the crazy price of $600 000 ! See what a pile of rocks can do !

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The 3 Wheeled Troopy


My troopy is on its deathbed. As I mentioned in a previous post , I have been having major dramas with the rear axle which keeps popping out. Its like my troopy is a transformer and every 3 weeks it transforms itself into a bloody tripod !


I think Ron White tells the story better .. he seems to have similar dramas !



The last time this happened to me ( a week ago ) Dave welded the axle in .. lets see how long this lasts !


* Sorry for the lazy posts this week , I have my favorite (only) brother in town visiting Darwin for the first time so I am a tour guide this week .. will be back to normal (as normal as I can be ) next week *

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Nudie Rudies , Talking Cats , Drunken Parrots and Dogs Driving Buses .. Its all here Today Folks

Hi guys today I am bringing you the top ten¬† craziest story’s I have heard and seen around the Territory.

1. First I have a video that was taken last year and supplied to the NT news. It shows a couple of Darwin lovers gettin it on the balcony of their apartment , providing entertainment for tourists and city workers below. Check it out …….

2. Staying on the topic of public nudity the Deputy Mayor of Palmerston was accused by two teenage girls of causing offense with his apparent ‘public nudity’. The guys name is Geoff Carter , 65yrs old , he is also the founding member of The Australian Army Band , Darwin. And is now publicly branded a pervert. The poor guy was in his own bedroom , probably getting dressed at the time .. but the fact it was made national news means he will forever be remembered as ‘The Naked Deputy Mayor”

Pic and news source

3. Former NT man Dr David Bowman made the ridiculous suggestion that we should introduce “Mega Fauna” AKA Elephants and other gigantic beasts into the Northern Territory and other outback areas to reduce the risk of fires caused by Gamba Grass , a type of grass that is so high Buffalo’s and cows cant reach it . This is stupid for a few reasons the main one being that it’s not really in the interest of public safety to have wild ‘Mega Beasts” roaming the streets….. Also , the cane toads were introduced here for similar reasons , now we cant get rid of them and they are more of a problem than a solution …. (source ).


4. A guy gets shot by his mate whilst being eaten by a saltwater croc .. yes that’s a true story although not as bad as it sounds. The 2 crocodile farm worker’s were collecting croc eggs from a remote NT station when one was attacked by a saltwater croc. The other guy grabbed a shotgun¬† aimed and fired at the crocodile¬† accidentally shooting his mate in the arm in the process. All ended well though , the croc let go and disappeared and after a few days it was work at usual for both men.

Zac Fitzgerald , the man who saved his mate in action at work: pic NT news

5. Drunken parrots are seen falling from the skies in the Darwin area every dry season. The birds are thought to be getting drunk after eating a mystery plant that then renders them unable to fly. For more on the drunken parrots check out this link

6. Woodley the dog had the ride of his life when he decided to take his masters double-decker bus for a ride in Darwin last year. A shop assistant passing by could not believe his eyes and quickly chased the bus down . He managed to pull the hand brake on before the bus hit a parked car. Woodley’s owner explained that the dog watches him put the handbrake on and off and was just copying him. Apparently this has happened before …. And I thought Chaos was alone ..


7. This little boy is in my opinion , a magician. I have no idea how he got into this vending machine but it took the Fire Brigade to get him out!


8. This 5 legged cane toad was found by Dylan Wells, 11, of Berrimah and the 5th leg is attached to his chin .. makes me worry about drinking the water up here !


9. Last year one smart NT tradie handed himself into police after breaking into the Hidden Valley Tavern (coincidentally also where I work part-time ).  The reason the man handed himself in was because he recognized his bum crack on the cctv footage reported on the news. He was so drunk he cant remember the robbery. You can check out the footage here ..

10. This is the story that more crazy than anything else I have read in any newspaper. Ever.¬† Last year it was reported that there were concerns the Territory’s talking cat , Mischief, had been abducted by aliens. Yes Im deadly serious folks.¬†Siberian air-traffic controllers claimed a female-sounding alien spoke to them in a cat-like language.¬† It turned out to be ok , Mischeif was safe and sound at home with his owners.

So there you have it folks – but this is not the end of my crazy tidbits from the Territory , I’m sure I will find ten more very soon …

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Welcome to Ramingining !!



As I mentioned in a previous post Just over a year ago – Easter weekend to be exact – I flew with my partner Dave to the remote bush community of Ramingining NT (aka Ramo ).

Check out the airport !!


Dave works for the East Arnhem Shire as a Grader operator and it is up to him to fix all of the public roads around East Arnhem Land. Most of these roads are not sealed and every wet season they are damaged by flooding.

The reason he was sent to Ramo was because this road below is the only road to the barge landing where the community receives their food and fuel supplies ………..


Until we got there they had been using this awesome machine to get food into town


I then decided to use it as my own personal tour bus ……


Despite the fact they were told not to use the road until Dave had it fixed locals kept trying to get down to the barge landing as it is also a great fishing spot .. most of the time they were unsuccessful


Dave used gravel , trees ( yeah I was like tree s , WTF ?, but it is the bush !) and sandbags to fill in the road enough to get the trucks through.

The most memorable moment for me was when Dave needed to get the dump truck to the barge and no one else was around to help him ( he also had to have another vehicle there to get home in). I ended up driving the truck along the boggy road in the dark. Dave was supposed to be following me but when I looked behind me he had gone. Worried , I stopped the truck and flagged down a car load of locals ( who shouldn’t have been driving on the road but hey cant tell them that ). I asked them to let Dave know I would keep going until I got to the barge and to tell him to pick me up. I got back on the road and made it to the barge landing. I was there for 5 minutes until I saw headlights coming towards me which I assumed was Dave.

It wasn’t Dave , it was the locals I had stopped earlier. They pulled up next to me and told me they would wait with me until I got picked up. I asked them if they were worried I would get attacked by a croc or buffalo and they just shook their heads and said “no no ghosts will get you ”

Just great like there isn’t enough living shit around here that wants to kill me now I have to worry about ghosts ??

Dave eventually showed up and I thanked the locals for staying with me and got in the car. On the way home I asked Dave about these ghosts and he told me that there are a lot of spirits out in Arnhem Land but he would not talk about them especially in the bush . To this day I’m not sure what they thought would happen to me but apparently it wouldn’t have been good.

After 2 weeks of no alcohol , trashy gossip mags or newspapers of any kind we finally were allowed to leave ( I make this place sound like prison – it wasn’t that bad we got more than one hour a day to exercise ). Dave absolutely loved it but then you can fish anywhere in Ramo even the on the side of the road –


the Barramundi were huge !!

To give you an idea of how remote and flooded Arnhem Land is at this time of year I will finish this with a pic I took flying over the floods to get into Ramo.


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The Bloody Troopy Strikes Again !!!!


As you would of gathered from previous posts I drive an early 1990’s model Toyota Land cruiser “Troop Carrier” which is basically a¬† 4 wheel drive with no back seats. Mine also has a hole in the drivers side floor although I’m pretty sure this was custom made for my particular troopy ( I found this out when I discovered a high heel sticking out of the bottom of my car don’t ask me how the hell it got there !).

My problem with this car is not the fact that it is covered with rust and resembles a large boat with wheels. My problem is the back axle keeps falling out. Yes I’m serious ! It is happening every 3 weeks on average. It first happened when me and Chaos completed our epic roady¬† across the country. Since then we have had it fixed about 5 times and now Dave just fixes it himself which is handy except today I was driving along when BANG ! There it goes again ! I’m old school with this situation by now so I jumped out of the car pulled the axle out chucked it in the back , put the car in 4 wheel drive and kept going ;D Yup bush mechanics 101 !

Dave is out bush for a week so Ill have to give Danny from the pub a bottle of Smirnoff to fix it .. Again ūüėČ


The studs snapped off , axle about to pop – this was the last time it happened in Batchelor NT last month


Dave the mechanic – can he fix it ? Yes he can .. for a little while anyway !

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I want to Flyyyyyyyy awaaaaaay !!!!!


Flying over Arnhem Land floods to get to the small bush community of Ramingining , NT . The community was cut off from the barge landing so Dave had to fix the road to the barge. To get through some parts of the road they were using an army truck with caterpillar tracks  (which Dave and i got to have a go on Рthat was pretty awesome haha !! )

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