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They Cant Be Serious !


Today s front page news .. a proposal to open ‘Grog camps ” or to put it nicely ‘ designated drinking areas for homeless people “.

The NT news quoted Larrakia Nation head Ilana Eldridge as saying “there are examples in other countries where people who want to drink them selves to death can do it without impacting on others”.

Really ? Id like to know which countries …..

They are proposing an area with kitchen and bathroom facilities as well as a locked fence “to keep people out so the people inside are safe” and “reduce the death toll on the roads”.

WTF ???

To me this says that adults with drinking problems now no longer have to take responsibility for their actions because we will put a fence around them and leave them to it. There are so many things wrong with this I have no idea where to start. Well firstly the amount of deaths last month in town camps , especially Alice Springs is disgusting. And they were all due to fights  caused by excessive drinking.

Secondly who is going to pay for this ? Yup , me and the rest of the taxpayers in Australia – I don’t mind helping homeless people but encouraging them to kill themselves with drink .. Hmmm doesn’t feel right to me.

And finally (although I could rant about this all day) how will this be a solution to the family dysfunction , alcoholism and unemployment which is sky high already in the Territory ? It s like some one said  “fuck this , its all too hard ” and literally put these people in the too hard basket  …  or fence 😉

I really hope for the sake of these people and the NT that they scrap this proposal.

Picture from today’s NT news paper

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