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Skimpy – Explained

Its ten days until the official release of my book , Skimpy ; Outrageous true tales of crocs , snakes and pulling beers in the Topend through Hachette Australia and excited is one word to describe how I’m feeling at the moment. After 2 years of tweaking , and wondering if my efforts would ever see the light of day , the last few months have been a whirlwind. Which is probably why I forgot about this interview with the publicity team at Hachette I recorded back in May. It basically explains where I got the inspiration from ( this blog , thanks guys ūüėČ ) and what a Skimpy is and basically why they exist in the first place ( apart from many reasons men will always love beer and boobs – well most men.Obviously not gay men.Or arse men. Or men with foot fetishes .. but you get my point). There is a serious side to the Skimpy role in mining towns though. They provide much needed light entertainment at the end of a long shift, in an environment where most workers are thousands of km from their homes/ families/mates/etc. I’m not saying Skimpies fill the role of any of these things but they are a welcome distraction and sometimes even a bit of a connection to the outside world. I remember myself , stuck in Gove for a few months surrounded by flood water and feeling like I was in the most remote place on earth , even I looked forward to the girls flying in from the Gold Coast ! Especially since half of them would smuggle in 5 bags of Hungry Jacks from Cairns. You know your in the bush when a whole pub starts fighting over a 4 hour old Whopper ….

*UPDATE РThe full interview with Hachette can be found here on their website .. the youtube clip below provides different content which is hopefully just as riveting !! hahaha   :p

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Super Toads

Pic –

Here is the latest news from the territory ..

Apparently our toads are the biggest strongest and fastest .. but also the laziest ! Now why doesn’t that surprise me ?

Like the rest of us , they are running on Territory time !!

I personally wish they were the smallest , I hate them ! One day I was moving the rubbish and I kid you not one of these buggers jumped out of the box I was holding and nearly hit me in the face – and if that wasn’t bad enough it was the size of my head ! Yep defiantly one of the downsides to living in Northern Australia

Check out this article by the NT News below :

Super toads take a caning

DAVID WOOD   |  April 2nd, 2012

HOP TO IT: Our toads are not so super, it turns out

BIGGER, stronger, faster – but lazy as hell?

That’s the verdict on the Territory’s Supertoads, according to new research from Charles Darwin University and the University of Melbourne.

Researchers found the NT’s mutant toads were faster growing, had slightly longer legs, and were quicker than their ancestors who arrived in Queensland 70 years ago. But they did not have the hopping endurance of their smaller Queensland cousins.

The research was partly inspired by an NT News front page in 2006 about the development of the Territory Supertoad.

Researchers Chris Tracy from the University of Melbourne and CDU’s Keith Christian compared the huge toads that had made their way to Timber Creek and regular toads.

But they found no physiological difference.

“It was actually in part a response to the NT News cover article on the Supertoad,” Dr Tracy said.

“We were keen to see if they had physiological characteristics good for endurance and that go along with longer legs and the behaviour that suggests they are better at moving.

“To see if they are true Supertoads.”

They found the opposite when they ran the Timber Creek toads on a treadmill against their cousins from Cairns.

The Timber Creek pests performed dismally.

“The same things the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) would do for its elite athletes to see how good they are, we did all those things with toads,” Dr Tracy said.

He said the Supertoad’s poor performance could be due to a parasite that causes arthritis of the spine.

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