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F*cking Chaos !!!

This morning I discovered my dog is smarter than I thought.I just wish he used those powers for good instead of evil. Ok , I wouldn’t go that far , he isn’t evil but he is a fucking arsehole.

Here I am , trying to do the nice thing and let him sleep inside ( sort of ) by giving him full run of the garage , which is attached to the kitchen. I cant let him stay in the house , for reasons which will become obvious as you keep reading …

So , even though Mayhem is banished to the outdoor area at nighttime , Chaos , the metro-sexual pit bull , is granted access (kind of ) to the house. Last night I put him to bed in the garage and went to sleep myself , thinking all was well with the world.

This morning , however , was a different story. I woke up , walked into the kitchen and lounge area to find the bin bag ripped apart , rubbish strewn across the house , and the main attraction for Chaos ,it seemed , was a shitty nappy that was bad enough to deal with the first time I saw it , but was now in 20 little pieces scattered in all directions around the house. Chaos was nowhere to be found , the door to the garage was shut but I knew it was his handiwork. I’ve seen it before but I thought we had moved past his delinquent stage. Apparently not. He just got smarter about how he goes about it. Instead of hanging around for the inevitable explosion from his owner , he trashed the house THEN LOCKED HIMSELF BACK IN THE FUCKING GARAGE !!! meaning I couldn’t really yell at him for it because he wasn’t sitting in the scene of the crime when I discovered it. Ugh. I’m just hoping Ceasar Milan comes Down Under for a visit soon. Maybe he could stay at my house while he’s here ……

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Crazy Pic of The Week – A Chaos special


Chaos dealing with the heat of the ‘buildup’ – yes he managed to get his whole head underwater the crazy bugger !!

(That was the day I decided walking him before 5 pm is not a great idea )

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