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Aussie’s Gone Wild .. A TV star punches hotel staff in Miami & A Murderer is On The Loose

He is not a Territorian but I can’t help it , I have to give you the latest gossip on the train wreck who calls himself Matthew Newton. Best known for playing underworld hit man Terry Clarke in the Underbelly: Tale of Two Cities TV show , Matthew seems to fancy himself as a bit of a tough guy in real life – unfortunately for his girlfriends. ( Matthew has been charged with assault twice over the last few years both by former girlfriends of his).


Matthew with one of his many assault victims , ex girlfriend and Transformers star Rachael Taylor

He has also been charged with assaulting a Taxi driver in Sydney and just last week refusing to leave a bar in Miami.

One of Matthew’s many mug shots ……

This time Matty did a Russell Crowe and spat the dummy over a hotel phone. He hit the hotel clerk who fell on the floor. Matt then lay down next to him , staring at the ceiling before rolling over and speaking to the employee (as seen on the surveillance camera – it isn’t reported publicly what he was saying).

Matthew was later arrested in his hotel room. Time to stop trying to act like a tough guy Matthew – your Dad is TV king Bert Newton .. you’re not foolin’ anybody !

Closer to home (too close in my opinion) we had a murderer on the loose this morning in Darwin. It was all they could talk about on the Radio at work this morning ( well that and Anzac Day). Last night a man was shot dead after he and his girlfriend were held hostage by gunman Matthew Vanko (seems to be a pattern here …). The woman managed to escape without getting hurt.

Until 8.30 this morning we were advised that: A CRAZY KILLER IS ON THE LOOSE ! DO NOT APPROACH ! HE IS ARMED AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS !!!!!

He handed himself in peacefully a 830 am. Crisis over people.

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