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If you don’t already know by now , the state of NSW is on fire . Literally . And most of it is in and around where I live and work . So far they have the fires contained about 35 Kms south of Karuah which means my place is safe – for now . The problem is every time they finally get them under control we have another ridiculously hot day with wind reaching up to 100km an hr !! In the mean time its business as usual everywhere that isn’t actually in fire . So last night I drove out to the Hunter Valley mining town of Singleton where I was booked in for an overnight skimpy shift ( lingerie waitressing for those of you who have no bloody idea what I’m on about ! ) the entire valley was covered in clouds of thick smoke and the sky was orange – It would have been beautiful if it wasn’t so devastating . I made it to Singleton , stayed the night and headed out to another shift today in Weston which I start in a couple of hours and hopefully can get back home tonight . The highway is blocked off but I am the queen of the back tracks so I should be right 😉 Anyway who gives a shit if I can’t get through at least I still have a home to go back to – a lot of people (and animals) don’t. But if I know one thing about us Aussies it’s that we always pull through for each other in times like this – at the moment there are volunteers out there fighting these fires even though they have lost or could lose their homes themselves . They are truly remarkable people and my thoughts are with all those effected – I’m praying like crazy for some rain .. Xx

picture –

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Snakes On A Plane – Part 2 plus Skippy Might Look Cute And Cuddly – But He Can Fight Like A M*thaF*cka


* The python that got caught on the wing of a plane leaving Cairns – the poor bugger didn’t make it 😦

Last year I wrote a post about a plane at Darwin Airport being hijacked by a snake , who had decided to take a tour of the cockpit. Apparently this is not an uncommon thing. Twice this year Quantas have discovered these reptile intruders hanging around their planes . The first time was a flight from the North Queensland town of Cairns , which is very similar in climate and wildlife to Darwin , so finding a Python on the plane was not as shocking as the second incident. Because the second incident happened in Sydney. Only the biggest city in Australia.  I mean , Cairns and Darwin are famous for this shit – it’s nothing to find crocodiles hanging out in swimming pools  or in your lounge room. In Darwin River I even had to share my shower with tree frogs , cane toads were a were always hiding under my shoes and don’t get me started on the bloody snake in the kitchen !

But this is Sydney people. What the hell was a snake doing hanging around Sydney airport ??? Anyway , whatever it was doing there it managed to get the flight cancelled and Quantas had to pay for 370 passengers to stay in motels then reschedule the flight all over a tiny snake that was about 20cm long (come to think of it , my kitchen snake was around the same size , but that thing was psychotic). 

Next up , for all of those people out there who go ‘Aw , a kangaroo , look how cute and cuddly he is !” Please read this article . The short story is these people live on a property near Grafton , NSW and their foster son was attacked in a matter of 2 minutes by a pissed-off kangaroo. The kid was lucky to survive because the roo would have been as big , if not bigger than him and the claws on those things could pretty much tear your guts out. Her husband had been attacked in the past , but standing over 6 ft tall , he was able to throw a few punches back and got away.

So you can add Kangaroo’s to the list of things that want to kill the shit out of you in good old Australia !

Here’s a funny clip that kinda shows you what the giant bunnies are actually capable of – and this guy was being nice !

Pic –

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Aussie’s Gone Wild .. A TV star punches hotel staff in Miami & A Murderer is On The Loose

He is not a Territorian but I can’t help it , I have to give you the latest gossip on the train wreck who calls himself Matthew Newton. Best known for playing underworld hit man Terry Clarke in the Underbelly: Tale of Two Cities TV show , Matthew seems to fancy himself as a bit of a tough guy in real life – unfortunately for his girlfriends. ( Matthew has been charged with assault twice over the last few years both by former girlfriends of his).


Matthew with one of his many assault victims , ex girlfriend and Transformers star Rachael Taylor

He has also been charged with assaulting a Taxi driver in Sydney and just last week refusing to leave a bar in Miami.

One of Matthew’s many mug shots ……

This time Matty did a Russell Crowe and spat the dummy over a hotel phone. He hit the hotel clerk who fell on the floor. Matt then lay down next to him , staring at the ceiling before rolling over and speaking to the employee (as seen on the surveillance camera – it isn’t reported publicly what he was saying).

Matthew was later arrested in his hotel room. Time to stop trying to act like a tough guy Matthew – your Dad is TV king Bert Newton .. you’re not foolin’ anybody !

Closer to home (too close in my opinion) we had a murderer on the loose this morning in Darwin. It was all they could talk about on the Radio at work this morning ( well that and Anzac Day). Last night a man was shot dead after he and his girlfriend were held hostage by gunman Matthew Vanko (seems to be a pattern here …). The woman managed to escape without getting hurt.

Until 8.30 this morning we were advised that: A CRAZY KILLER IS ON THE LOOSE ! DO NOT APPROACH ! HE IS ARMED AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS !!!!!

He handed himself in peacefully a 830 am. Crisis over people.

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Elvis proves he is still the King

Ok this didn’t happen in the Territory , but Elvis the crocodile is originally a NT born and bred crocodile. He was trapped in the Darwin Harbor few years ago (because he was climbing into fishing boats !) and sent to a Sydney wildlife park.

Elvis has a reputation for being one of the grumpiest old crocs in Australia.After he was caught in the Darwin Harbor he was sent to a croc farm where he ate 2 female crocs. This was when they decided to send him down south 😉

This video displays Elvis’s famous temper – he wanted that lawnmower and wasn’t letting go ! Also check out the size of those teeth !
It took the zoo keepers a couple of hours and a whole heap of kangaroo meat before they could retrieve the mower. I personally wouldn’t get in the pen with him whether he was distracted or not – this boy is 5 meters long and weighs half a tonne.

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