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I Am Not The Animal Whisperer .. Can Someone Explain This to Them ???

Ahhhh real bush living , it doesn’t get much better than this . My new house is doing me the world of good , and I don’t regret moving out here at all .. Its just some things take more getting used to than others …

I have become the female Aussie version of Dr Dolittle . Indoors or outdoors every time I turn around a little non-human face is watching me. I have a house full of geckos , a toilet full of green tree frogs – and occasionally the odd spider , a possum or two in the roof and the biggest fattest cane toads in Australia. A few days ago I was walking  Chaos and spotted my first snake out here which was a bit ironic as I was walking through the nudist camp next door – my mother of all people was the first one to turn that story into a rude joke . I go to have a shower and there is usually a tree frog hiding under the taps ( I suspect as I am starting to look like a tree frog myself he may be perving on me …)

I don’t mind him apart from the fact he moves between the toilet and the shower which makes him a bit of a weirdo but at least he isn’t a toad …

The cane toads can always be relied upon to show up when you least expect it , like when you grab your shoe off the ground and a toad the size of Dave’s hand jumps out from underneath ( at 5am in the morning this is a better wake up call than coffee).

Apart from the nudist’s , my other neighbor’s are buffalo and walking around the block has never been so intimidating. They are apparently ‘tame’ but that doesn’t make me feel any better – just last week a Territory man was gored to death by his own pet bull. And they just stare at you – they make me feel like I’m the one with horns growing out of my head !

So I did what anyone would do when they are surrounded by animals – I got another one ! Introducing Mayhem …

* Little Maisy
Now there is a method to my madness , I bought Mayhem ( Maisy) to keep Chaos company because when this little Gumnut Kid gets here he will not be getting as much attention . I thought a friend would be the perfect solution – I was wrong. For the last few days he has been treating her as if she doesn’t exist. So I have 2 dogs that want my undivided attention instead of amusing each other !!! It will get better I have been told – apparently male dogs aren’t that interested in puppies so hopefully he’ll snap out of his attitude by the time the baby arrives.

I have to finish this post now as Maisy has just regurgitated earplugs all over the floor and I need to clean it up before she walks it through the house ….

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Super Toads

Pic –

Here is the latest news from the territory ..

Apparently our toads are the biggest strongest and fastest .. but also the laziest ! Now why doesn’t that surprise me ?

Like the rest of us , they are running on Territory time !!

I personally wish they were the smallest , I hate them ! One day I was moving the rubbish and I kid you not one of these buggers jumped out of the box I was holding and nearly hit me in the face – and if that wasn’t bad enough it was the size of my head ! Yep defiantly one of the downsides to living in Northern Australia

Check out this article by the NT News below :

Super toads take a caning

DAVID WOOD   |  April 2nd, 2012

HOP TO IT: Our toads are not so super, it turns out

BIGGER, stronger, faster – but lazy as hell?

That’s the verdict on the Territory’s Supertoads, according to new research from Charles Darwin University and the University of Melbourne.

Researchers found the NT’s mutant toads were faster growing, had slightly longer legs, and were quicker than their ancestors who arrived in Queensland 70 years ago. But they did not have the hopping endurance of their smaller Queensland cousins.

The research was partly inspired by an NT News front page in 2006 about the development of the Territory Supertoad.

Researchers Chris Tracy from the University of Melbourne and CDU’s Keith Christian compared the huge toads that had made their way to Timber Creek and regular toads.

But they found no physiological difference.

“It was actually in part a response to the NT News cover article on the Supertoad,” Dr Tracy said.

“We were keen to see if they had physiological characteristics good for endurance and that go along with longer legs and the behaviour that suggests they are better at moving.

“To see if they are true Supertoads.”

They found the opposite when they ran the Timber Creek toads on a treadmill against their cousins from Cairns.

The Timber Creek pests performed dismally.

“The same things the AIS (Australian Institute of Sport) would do for its elite athletes to see how good they are, we did all those things with toads,” Dr Tracy said.

He said the Supertoad’s poor performance could be due to a parasite that causes arthritis of the spine.

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